Another one of these

I’m your common reading obsessed reader hoping for the happiness of my favorite creators and characters. I’m the lurker who has gone out of her shell for love of the written word. I do not have the talent or will to create worlds using words but love diving whole-heartedly in the worlds created by others […]

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Quiet moment thoughts

One of the things I’m contemplating on teaching my future? children/partner is how to deal with me and other human beings as much as my limited knowledge can. Which is not much, because I suck at being a member of society, by my standards. ME. cuz no matter how much you love someone or how […]

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Ramyeon Tasting

I’m a frequent customer of those 24 hour korean minimarts and I’m currently on a mission to find the noodles I can buy to sooth my korean noodle cravings. Ramyeons I’ve tried so far.. 1. Shin Ramyun 40 php – too spicy for me but I can finish 1 serving 2. Samyang 2x 60 php- […]

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